Bite Into Real Southern Cooking at RRSBBQ

Finally! A treat for all BBQ lovers in Las Vegas! From the renowned Pawn Stars fame, Rick Harrison has joined forces with Rollin Smoke BBQ to bring authentic southern cuisine to Las Vegas. At Rick’s Rollin’ Smoke BBQ Las Vegas, guests get to enjoy authentic southern BBQ without even stepping out of the city. The restaurant is located at the Pawn Plaza so fans of the show can get a truly fulfilling meal while visiting the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Visit us today and relish in the tender and smoky succulence only real southern cooking can bring.

Satisfy Cravings with the Best Vegas BBQ

There is nothing more satisfyingly lip-smacking than real southern BBQ. A staple symbol of American cuisine, it is not a surprise that this meaty delicacy is a favorite indulgence amongst most of us. No other food tops the All-American taste that this patriotic dish provides – and for a good reason too! Traditional BBQ is a blend of the succulent meat and its mouth-watering juices combined with that melt-in-your-mouth fat and the spices and rub carefully picked to fully enhance the flavor. All of these coming together due to the long hours of cooking this delectable dish over the indirect wood fire to give it that tender smoky goodness.

Here at Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ & Tavern, we bring the south to you! Treat yourself to the all-time favorites like hand-rubbed and hickory- smoked chicken and ribs, the Biggin Sandwich, and the Old Man Holland’s favorite. Don’t hesitate to try momma’s bacon potato salad and other famous homemade sides. Down that filling Las Vegas BBQ with the wide selection of beverages that we offer. Add a Las Vegas touch to it by trying the two locally brewed craft beers for a thirst-quenching drink. You might want to visit the upstairs tavern as well to enjoy handcrafted cocktails and sixteen beers on tap.

Visit Us Today For Some Smokin’ Ribs!

Don’t give up on those BBQ cravings as Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ & Tavern will never let you down! Drop by our restaurant for the tastiest BBQ Las Vegas has to offer. Take your kids along for a day out with the family. We are located at Pawn Plaza, 725 Las Vegas Blvd. Being part of the Pawn Plaza strip mall, there are many sights to see guaranteed to make everyone smile. The BBQ restaurant is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For a great night out, don’t forget to check out the Tavern upstairs which is open every day from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Who knows? You might even get to see Rick Harrison showing off some cool bartending skills. Call us today at (702) 462-9880!